BiasBusters Website!

BiasBusters@CMU was piloted in the School of Computer Science to engage over issues of bias, diversity, and inclusion. Find out more about the program and learn more about unconscious bias through the online resources at our new BiasBusters@CMU website!

Orientation Welcome Session

Our 2016 Orientation Welcome Session will be help on Saturday August 27th, 2-3pm, in Danforth Lounge, UC.

New York CS Opportunities Fair

Last weekend, three SCS undergrads accompanied Mark Stehlik, Assistant Dean for Outreach, to talk about their experiences in SCS at the New York CS Opportunities fair. The event was attended by thousands of New York City high school students who were taking CS courses, with the purpose of encouraging their interest in CS.

General Meetings

SCS4ALL meetings start on September 1st and Women@SCS meetings start on September 8th. All meetings are held in Gates 4303 from 4:30-5:30pm.