OurCS 2017

OurCS 2017, organized by CMU's School of Computer Science and Women@SCS, will take place October 20th, 21st, and 22nd. This 3 day workshop is research focused and will provide opportunities for undergraduate women from the USA and around the globe to work on exploratory problems in teams led by researchers from industry, academia and other computing related domains. Learn more here!

Multi-Industry/Alumnae Panel

Join us for a panel and dinner with alumnae currently working at a variety of different companies (Google, Amazon, Red Hat, ClickMedix, and APT) on Thu 9/21/17 at 4:30PM. RSVP here!

Interview with Professor Manuela Veloso

Women@SCS conducted a faculty interview with Professor Manuela Veloso, a Herbert A. Simon University Professor and Head of the Machine Learning Department. Read our full interview here!


TechNights starts up for the fall on Monday Oct. 2nd with an Open House session titled "Game Theory - Strategic Voting". Families can join the girls at Open Houses, which begin and end the TechNights season.