Congratulations Lenore!

Professor Lenore Blum received a 2018 Women of Spirit Award! The awards, presented by Carlow University at the Carnegie Music Hall, honor achievements and strong commitment to values, leadership, and innovation. The award is given annually to women leaders who have been recognized for their professional and personal leadership and their service to others.

Student-Faculty Lunch with Mor Harchol-Balter

Women@SCS is hosting the April Student Faculty Lunch on Friday, April 20th, with Mor Harchol-Balter, a professor in the Computer Science Department as SCS. She currently teaches 15-359: Probability and Computing and has taught 15-857: Graduate Analytical Performance Modeling in the past. In addition to teaching, she also researches performance analysis and design of computer systems and theoretical algorithm analysis.

Interview with Tanvi Bajpai

Women@SCS member Tanvi Bajpai was interviewed recently by SCS! Tanvi talked about how she loves teaching as a TA and gives some advice to prospective freshmen. You can read the full interview here. Check it out if you want to learn more about the SCS undergraduate experience!

Interview with Dilsun Kaynar

Women@SCS recently did an interview with Dilsun Kaynar to go with the February Student Faculty Lunch. This project is part of the Women@SCS Student-Faculty Lunch Series, through which we hope to encourage conversations between students and faculty. Read the full interview here!