Outreach Roadshow

On Thursday, W@SCS did a Roadshow at Community Family Night. The SCS Outreach Roadshow introduces children, teachers, and parents to the many areas within computer science. This is a highly interactive presentation by undergrads and grads who talk about why/how they began studying the area, their current experiences, what CS means to them now, and their future hopes and expectations.

Pre-Registration Event: Get Student-to-Student Advice about Courses and Professors!

Before registration week, students got some student-to-student advice on course selection! There were absolutely no faculty allowed so this was the perfect place to ask about classes, professors, schedules, majors, minors, and more! For all those questions you see asking about classes in the Facebook group - this was the chance to ask in person to a large group of students from different years and backgrounds. Food (pizza) and drink provided. The pre-reg event took place in GHC 6115 at 4:30-5:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 12th.

W@SCS Guest Speaker: Cathy Polinsky, VP of Enterprise Search at Salesforce

From 4:30-6pm on Thursday, Nov. 13th in GHC 4405, Cathy Polinsky, VP of Engineering at Salesforce and former Andrew's Leap @ CMU student, talked about her career path in the software industry and some of the interesting problems that she gets to work on at Salesforce and in the cloud computing space. She also give some real world tips on the software interview process and landing a job that you love in the software industry.

Grad School and Fellowship Application Intro Session

There was a grad school and fellowship application intro session held by the Grad Sisters Program on Tuesday, Nov. 11th from 4:30-6pm in GHC 2109. They covered what opportunities are available, tips on writing personal and research statements (this is especially valuable for senior undergrads!), and fellowships for grad students. Following the presentation, there was an application essay read and critique session as well as application interview practice. For more info, visit the grad sisters page.