AccessComputing Capacity Building Award

Congratulations to Carol Frieze, the director of Women@SCS and SCS4ALL, for receiving the AccessComputing Capacity Building Award for her work to make participation programs more welcoming and accessible to students with disabilities. Read more about it here!


Volunteers from Women@SCS have been wrapping up a semester of successful roadshows. The roadshows are part of our outreach programs that bring together children, teachers, and parents to the many areas within computer science. Undergrads and grads share their experiences with CS with middle and high school students in a fun, interactive presentation.

Interview with Professor Jennifer Mankoff

Women@SCS conducted a faculty interview with Professor Jennifer Mankoff, a professor in the HCII. Read our full interview here!


TechNights, a program focused on exposing middle school girls to creative technologies, is starting back up again in February. Using computer animation, web design, programming, robotics, and interactive medias, we hope to engage a future generation of women in technology.