Past Internships

Worked at: Google

Name Class Year Description
Amy Q. Junior 2011 Given a project to improve the algorithms for automated page topic extraction. Created a tool to evaluate the previous approach, then worked with mentor to figure out ways in which to implement quality improvements.
Brenda L. Junior 2012 Improved/developed user interface and performance for the Chrome about:tracing development tool.
Gloria Y. Junior 2010 I was a Software Engineer on Google Places team (part of Maps). Our team wrote a debugger for the product group.
Gwendolyn S. Senior 2005 Created an internal tool.
Ida M. Junior 2009 Worked on the front-end of Google Books.
Ida M. Senior 2010 Software Engineering Intern. Wrote code to iterate on existing systems; wrote tests and ate free food.
Melissa A. Senior 2012 Research fast and well-maintained authorization services to replace Android Partner Front-End Teamís current model. Improve Android Partner Front-Endís compatibility test suite to ensure android devices optimally play video content based on available bandwidth.
Stephanie R. Junior 2005 Program Manager for the operating system software development kit (SDK) group.

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