Past Internships

Worked at: Apple

Name Class Year Description
Aesha S. Junior 2008 Worked on the iWork team and developed and tested code for their new version of iWork!
Elizabeth K. Senior 2010 I was an intern on the iPhone App Frameworks QA team. I developed an internal tool to automate testing.
Lesley L. Sophomore 2008 Worked with the iWork team on the Numbers calculation engine for the next iWork!
Lucy L. Senior 2010 As a HR Technology intern, I worked in the realm of web development. I revamped site infrastructure, configured servers, analyzed web accessibility, enhanced widget UIs, added site functionality, and created mail stationery.
Margaret S. Senior 2012 Updated back-end data model code to explore new functionality in Numbers, part of the iWork productivity suite. Delivered group and solo presentations to software engineering team members and managers.

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