Summer 2008 Feedback

Name Year Location Description
Kristin S.Junior Microsoft Worked in Windows Mobile designing mobile phone software.
Madeleine P.Senior Worked at as a Software Engineer in the Website Application Platform organization. Got to work on the service messaging framework and wrote code that was deployed to the main site.
Allison N.Senior+
Michelle B.Sophomore Designed and coded web applications and wrote PL/SQL packages to interact with databases.
Yang S.JuniorMicrosoftWorked on Test Framework for Live Search
Trisha Q.Junior Salesforce Worked on the System Testing team, automating parts of testing processes
Anthony V. Junior PA Governor School Served as a TA/RA for the PA Governor's School for the Sciences. During the day, TA'd for a couple courses and helped a group of students work on a CS research project. During the night, held social events for the students consisting of things like Jeopardy and dances.
Sarah S. Junior Film and SCS Movie
Lesley L. Sophomore
Alissa B. Senior Intuit Performed background research, ran contextual inquiries, and designed and tested multiple user interface prototypes.
Linda C. Junior I created, maintained, and communicated business documents (e.g. business requirements, functional specifications) and modified code when necessary. The internship introduced me to the commodities financial trading industry.
Aesha S. Junior Worked on the iWork team and developed and tested code for their new version of iWork!
Cristina B. Junior Originate Labs in San Mateo CA Worked with html/css/javasript to help build a web application.
Bridget H. Sophomore Somerset County Chamber
of Commerce Part-time receptionist/secretary. Worked on committee to try to bring broadband to the entire county, plus coded a java program to help with creating their yearly member directory.

Summer 2007 Feedback

Name Year Location Description
Eakta J.Graduate Worked as a research intern with the Feature Animations research group.
Katrina L.Graduate Worked on online learning/game theory/optimization, developed an algorithm to solve repeated optimization problems well, even when the offline problem can only be solved approximately.
Trisha Q.Sophomore Technical writing, database work, management of user testing
Bridget H.Freshman Somerset County Chamber
of CommercePart-time receptionist/secretary. Worked on committee to try to bring broadband to the entire county, plus coded a java program to help with creating their yearly member directory.
Yang S.SophomoreMicrosoftBasic verification tests and AI for keyword recognition
Alissa B.JuniorManagement Science 
AssociatesPlanned, wrote a technical specification for, programmed, and tested a new software featre for existing data management software.

Summer 2005 Feedback

Name Year Location Description
Ivan G.  Senior Large scale web crawler in San Jose, CA
Latika K.  Senior Program Manager for the Windows Shell, involved writing specifications for UI components on Longhorn.
Sateja P.  Sophomore Product Line Information Systems web site designer in Santa Clara, CA
Stephanie R.  Junior Program Manager for the operating system software development kit (SDK) group.
Geeta S.  Junior Software & Controls - Prototyping future version of the Onstar system
Gwendolyn S.  Senior Created an internal tool.
James T.  Senior Application development in the Institutional Systems (IT) department
Sana Y.  Junior Company IT with Morgan Stanley in NYC

Summer 2004 Feedback

Name Year Location Description
Sana Y.  Sophomore E-Commerce applications at US Airways
Shanshan M.  Sophomore Programming for Office Automatic System at CS&S (China Computer Software Corporation)
Neeti M.  Senior Compliance Derivatives - Information Technology
Alena M.  Sophomore Roadway Lighting Research for Federal Government.
Stephanie R.  Sophomore Developed two information kiosk robots at Naval Research Laboratory.
James T.  Junior Research on multisensory computing at the Virtual Environments Lab at West Virginia University.
Belinda C.  Senior Semantic Web Services - Extreme Blue
Yeming S.  Senior Program Manager in Windows shell group - design and implementation of UI components.
Ritika S.  Senior Equities, IT - Software for electronic trading, client connectivity application.

Summer 2003 Feedback

Name Year Location Description
Jennifer L.  Senior Collaboration Environment for PDAs
Yea-Wen Y.  Senior Software developer on WARP program
Yili W. Senior Path visualization for Web Analysis
Agata B. Senior Research at CMU with Anastasia Ailamaki
Bernice M. Senior Applying agent technologies to Marine Systems
Nancy C. Senior Web application development (IT)
Denise N. Senior Web application development (IT)
Ritika S. Junior Software Development for an "interface-less" interface between driver and car
Amani A. Sophomore Classes
Gwendolyn S. Sophomore Canvassing
James T. Sophomore Classes and travelling
Yanka L. Sophomore Small business software company
Stephanie R. Freshman Programmed robots and worked on Mobile Ad-Hoc networking