Student Comments on Attending Grace Hopper, Vancouver 2002

Favorite Session

"Saturday's final session: Plenary Panel: Getting Wired for Success: What It Takes To Become a Leader in High Tech"…I liked the fact that it was a panel consisting of successful women in leadership positions. In fact, that is what I aim to become some day. I received a lot of good advice, found out that they all have great personalities in addition to having a strong technical and leadership background. It's exciting to meet and hear stories about women who are successful in every sense of the word - professional and personally."

"Data and Privacy Post 9/11. It was extremely relevant to a class that I am currently on Privacy and Anonymity in Data. In fact, my professor was even mentioned during the lecture for being an authority in the area. In general though, I enjoyed how the panelists discussed a way that technology impacts society."

"My favorite session was the one in which the recruiter from Microsoft came and spoke about technical interviews. The neat thing about this session was that we were able to see things from a recruiter's perspective. The information we learned in this session is very applicable to our lives, and that made it very useful and intriguing."

"From Bits to Bots, which to me is undeniably the most entertaining session of all. It was the session with the fastest pace, with every minute worthwhile, the impression I got from the people on stage that day is that they were so excited about their work, to be here, and had so much to give to the audience that it was a pity it had to fit
within that time slot ... it was great how the audience was kept laughing during parts of the panel too!"

"My favorite session was the one on how different genders in different countries view the field of Computer Science. It was interesting to see how different the perceptions were based on the country of the student. Also, it was interesting to see how genders were the same/different in various countries."

"My favorite was the Carnegie Mellon session... =) It was very well done and showcased the strengths of our school and community very well. However, if I have to pick any other one I would say the one about career was very fascinating to hear the different life stories of the women who have succeeded in this field."

"I most enjoyed Francine Berman's keynote speech and the poster sessions. The poster sessions provided a nice opportunity to sample a wide range of women's research comfortably. The session was both academic in nature and social, and reflected women's ubiquity in the field. Most of the women in the poster sessions were fellow graduate students; their academic experiences and career experiences, then, relate well to my own."

"The CMU session and the Microsoft session on how to succeed at a technical interview.
CMU: the fact that everyone left the room excited about what women can achieve in computing.
Microsoft: It was good to hear what an interviewer thinks when he/she is interviewing."

"My favorite session was definitely Leah Jamieson's keynote talk on "Engineering, Community, Passion, and Balance," in which she discussed her work with the EPICS project at Purdue. This program gives students a chance to work on long-term, community-impacting projects. It's similar to something I've worked with at CMU (the Technology Consulting in the Community course), though on a much larger scale. It was really inspiring to see how much passion Ms. Jamieson devoted to this project, which not only benefits the larger community but also helps students learn to see the opportunities available for using engineering as a tool for improving the lives of others."


"I LOVED Vancouver. It was so beautiful. I liked going to Stanley Park and I also liked just walking around downtown. There was SO much to do and see! Too bad we were only there for a short period of time."

" . . . Tojo's for sushi. It was the best sushi I ever had. I also took a lot of
beautiful pictures of Vancouver which I am now using for my website."

"Bike riding in Stanley park."

"Going salsa dancing and eating sushi :)"

"Just hanging out with the other Women@SCS members wandering around Vancouver since we never get to spend time together during school."

"Going out to dinner with everyone from CMU".

"Hanging out with the professors and the grad students. I never usually get to do that... so that was great... going to dinner and checking out the sites was great!"

The Benefits

"I benefited in several ways. First, I met many people in the field of CS. These people were from all over the world. Also, I think that we as Women@SCS helped many people who were trying to set up something that we have. It seemed that no matter where we went, people had heard of us and were asking us questions. So I think that even though we benefited from the sessions and the networking, we helped out others a great deal too!"

"I received a lot of good advice. Sometimes my future seems very uncertain to me because we are walking in a path that hasn't been paved too well. However, hearing success stories from other women reinforced my goals and boosted my confidence. After attending the conference, I also felt very lucky to be a student at Carnegie Mellon University. A lot of other schools are still struggling with issues that we have already dealt with or are familiar with. Using the path analogy again, our path is a lot more paved than that of students from some other schools. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to receive such a strong technical background in a school that understands and values women in computing."

"Got the opportunity to listen to fantastic stories and experiences from many successful working women . ."

"I really liked how we had speakers during all meals. Each one was different, and it was a nice addition to the food."

"I loved how the breakfasts were set up, so that one could mill around the room and really get to meet new people and talk about common experiences."

"Meeting new people... and seeing other women who have made it..."

"It definitely benefited me academically, deepened my knowledge about the applications of the technology that we learnt at school. I realized computer science is a larger field than I thought it was. It was really great to make friends with other girls in the field! This event also introduced me for the first time to women in the computer sciences who are more than few years older than myself, other than the lecturers at this university. I respect them all and am truly inspired by their successes."

"I was very inspired to continue my career in Computer Science…"

"It gave me perspective as to what other women in computing are doing to change the world -- it was quite empowering."

"The success stories of other women were inspirational and motivating... I learnt a lot from them and it was wonderful and amazing to see how many other women there are out there who have done such great things!"

"Meeting people and networking is very exciting. Not only did I receive an opportunity to meet other women in the field, and students seeking degrees in the field, I got to know some people from CMU as well."

"Meeting other women in computing and learning more about my own colleagues on a level I hadn't before."

"Being around so many women and knowing that they were (almost) all in computer science. There was a definite sense of community, and it was nice knowing that I fit in with so many people around the world."

"Strangely, GH served me best as an opportunity to better get to know the women in my own immediate community, at CMU. I really enjoyed attending talks and going to social activities with women who I see in the hallways all the time, but rarely communicate with. I especially had a great time getting to know some of the women faculty at CMU. Everyone is smart and has the capacity to do great research here, but it's sometimes hard to figure out how BOTH to do good research AND have a 'normal', happy life. I met a bunch of CMU's women faculty at GH who are innovators in their field, and who manage to achieve balance outside of their careers. These are people I can really look to as role models; they embody great intellect, sensitivity, a great sense of humor, and happiness. Long story short: GH sensitized me to the fact that there are great resources, great people, great role models right here, in front of me, at home."

"In general, it was really fabulous to be surrounded by so many women who are so excited about the work they're doing in computer science. It was also nice to be able to spend more social time with women (at different levels -- grad, undergrad, faculty) from CMU, which we don't often get to do."

"I really enjoyed the sense of community and it made me feel like I fit in as a woman in computer science. Also, some of the panels and guest speakers talked about topics in computer science that interested me intellectually."

"It was neat to see that other people had faced the same issues that I did. It was very interesting to hear the women who had been involved in computer science for YEARS speak about their experiences. All in all, I came out of Grace Hopper with more confidence in my abilities and capabilities."

"It's the first time I attended Grace Hoper and I was very excited about it, but the experience exceeded all my expectations. It was very inspiring and a true eye-opener for what I could do in my professional as well as my personal life. I enjoyed many of the invited talks, especially Leah Jamieson's and Fran Berman's. The best part of my GH experience, though, was talking to other women, mostly to other students, it made me feel like I was not going through the hard road all by myself. It made me feel like I was very lucky and could do almost anything I put my effort and passion onto.

Thank you so much for making it possible!"