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Current schedule


Session Date Topic Team
1. Spring 2013 Arduinos Ed and Kenny
2 Spring 2013 Arduinos Blase, Manya, Saranga and Christian

Using Arduinos to make:


  • an LED changes colors
  • zigbee-controlled RC Car
  • a strand of LED lights that functions as a VU meter for sound
  • using 2 servos to have a pen draw on paper
  • one arduino spells out morse code through LEDs, and another uses a photoresistor to read it.
  • arduino web server that lights up LEDs anytime someone makes an HTTP request
  • 3x3 grid of LEDs that makes fun patterns
  • something unclear involving a gyroscope or accelerometer
  • something that makes lots of noise (maybe an alarm clock).


Previous Schedules: Fall 2012; 2010-2011