Mentoring Resources

The 10 Commandments of Mentoring
Learn all about women mentoring other women. Find out how it relates to the success of your own career. Learn the common myths and commandments of mentoring.

There are many other helpful resources for mentoring, such as MentorNet. MentorNet is a service available to CMU women in engineering, cs, and other sciences -- undergraduate and graduate. CMU is one of 36 campuses across the nation this year which was invited to participate in MentorNet. MentorNet,, pairs students with professionals in industry for year-long, structured mentoring relationships conducted via email. It's a wonderful opportunity for students potentially interested in careers in industry at the conclusion of their studies.

The Big/Little Sister Program
The Big Sister/Little Sister program in SCS strengthens the bonds of women in SCS and encourages a forum for discussion and support. Find out all about it.

CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project
The CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project's goal is to increase the number of women who go to graduate school to study computer science and engineering. Undergraduate women are paired with faculty mentors for a summer research experience.