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Academic 360
A collection of over 1500 links to websites advertising academic jobs.

ACM Careers
Career information for computer science students and professionals.

BrainCake Girls, Math & Science Partnership, Carnegie Science Center
Innovative, web-savvy, creative and results-oriented? Join us. The Girls, Math & Science Partnership seeks web pro to develop strategies, write copy, assure visual appeal, oversee all aspects of the user experience on Degree + min. 2 years experience or equivalent combination in website development and maintenance; strong editing/writing skills; knowledge of web design principles and practices; ability to communicate science-related topics to teen girl audience. This position is part time. Send resume and cover letter to: Human Resources, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pgh., PA 15213 or email by March 1^st , 2007

This job bank has a special women's section, as well as company profiles and job listings for new graduates.

"Helping women achieve success in their careers and lives"

Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network
Articles, job listings, discussions, and columns, including Ms. Mentor, famous for her impeccable advice to women in academia.

CRA Job Listings
A list of job announcements in computer science and computer engineering, primarily at the PhD level.

Directory of Women in Science and Engineering
The mission of the WISE Directory is to assist colleges, universities and other potential employers in the recruitment of highly educated women in the sciences, engineering and mathematics. Open to women Ph.D. candidates and recipients in the sciences, engineering or mathematics from a CIC university (includes twelve major teaching and research universities in the Midwest).

IEEE Career Site
Information on careers in electrotechnology and public policy provided by IEEE.

PhDs.Orgis an excellent site with career information for scientists and future scientists at all levels of their careers.

Womens Executive Network
The Womens Executive Network is the Internet's first full-service job placement and career development company for women. From internship and mentoring programs to business networking and job placement, the WENetwork provides women with a unique pathway to professional success and helps companies attract and retain a more diversified workforce.