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Programs and Projects
Cisco Learning Institute (CLI) Gender Initiative
Promoting a greater understanding of women in IT and bringing them additional opportunities for inclusion in the workplace worldwide through marketing materials and outreach programs in High Schools, Colleges & Universities and Community Organizations.

Computing Educators Oral History Project
What: A searchable repository of artifacts, including digital audio interviews, interview transcripts, photographs, vitas, and other relevant items
Who: A balanced collection across factors such as gender, geographic location, age, race / ethnicity, institutional size and focus
Why: Support, recruit, and retain under-represented groups

MentorNet pairs women who are studying engineering or science at one of our participating colleges or universities with professional scientists and engineers working in industry, and help them form e-mail based mentoring relationships

Portia - the gateway into SET for all women
Portia is a U.K.-based web project designed for women, by women, to serve as a gateway to information on Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) for women. It partners with several organizations that contribute to its information base, which includes links to jobs, meetings, events, networking and career development resources. It also hosts workshops and provides learning opportunities for women interested in SET.

SIGIS-Strategies of Inclusion: Gender and the Information Society
A European Commission funded research project with universities from 5 counties due to long concern over women's exclusion from computers and thus from the information society. Still, women are relatively absent from computer science and the design of ICT products. However, there are important changes going on. The aim of the project is to analyse initiatives to increase girls' and women's participation, partly to study the strategic features, partly to learn from relative successes, and partly to provide a knowledge base to support and encourage development of new inclusion efforts.

University of Wisconsin Women and Science Program
The mission of the Women and Science Program is to promote systemic change in the ways science and science education are regarded and carried out within the University of Wisconsin System. The ultimate goal of the program is to attract and retain qualified female and minority students in science, mathematics, and engineering by improving the quality of undergraduate science education for both women and men through faculty development and other activities.

Women and Girls' Tech Up
A webzine that showcases key discussion topics and creative work from an 18-month electronic conference to address the under-representation of women and girls online.

Women in Computer Sciences: Closing the Gender Gap in Higher Education
An interdisciplinary research project led by Allan Fisher and Jane Margolis of CMU, "to understand male and female students' engagement - attachment, persistence, and detachment - with computer science, with a special focus on the gender imbalance in the field.

Women in Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Working to catalyze an environment that supports and inspires women students in the engineering college and to assess and enhance their experience, recruitment, and retention. Provides information on scholarships, events, programs, statistics, stories and links.

Women Tech World
An organization that aims to connect women in tech careers by providing biographies, stories, e-mentoring information, a message board, and more.