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Adventures in Supercomputing
The Adventures in Supercomputing (AiS) program is designed to offer an interdisciplinary approach to project-based curriculum using the techniques of the field of computational science. The AiS program embraces many of the ideals expressed in the education reforms which have been proposed to engage students in effective learning with an emphasis on critical thinking, hands-on problem solving, and independent research.

Adventures of Josie True
Free Web-based program for girls designed to encourage exploration and promote confidence in math and the sciences through multicultural educational software.

American Computer Science League
The American Computer Science League (ACSL) organizes computer science contests and computer programming contests for junior and senior high school students.

Annotated Bibliography of Books Related to Gender Equity in Math and Science

Binary Girl
Sharing knowledge with those interested in learning more about technology through an interactive community of women, bringing members together so that they may create the ultimate resource for themselves, and providing encouragment and support women need to expand their endeavors, whether it be building the perfect PC or starting their own IT business.

Club Girl Tech
Enhancing the lives of girls 8-12 with stylish, technology-based and innovative products.

Computer Museum
The Computer Museum, located in Boston and cyberspace, has interactive exhibits, computing history resources, and a Computer Club House.

Computer Science role models for girls
Provides a collection of profiles of female computer scientists, reasons to pursue technical career, and what its like to work in a variety of technical industries.

Cool Jobs for Girls
Introduces girls to high-wage nontraditional occupations, jobs in which women represent less than 25% of the workforce.

Cornell Science & Arts Gateway for Education (SAGE)
A gateway providing links to resources for educators and students from K-12.

Destination 2020
Helps teenagers find what they are good at by imagining what a day in their life would look like in 2020.

EGEMS - Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science
Great site with examples of creative games for girls involving discrete math and computer science concepts. A free CD-ROM is available.

Expanding Your Horizons
Since 1976, over 500,000 6th through 12th grade girls and young women have enjoyed hands-on math and science at Expanding Your Horizons workshops led by women role models who have math-based careers. The Math/Science Network licenses the program to over 100 groups across the country each year. The Web site provides information on all of the conferences and on famous women mathematicians and scientists.

Exploring Your Future in Math and Science
A web site aimed at encouraging high school girls to consider becoming scientists.

Family Math Home Page
"FAMILY MATH is a program developed by EQUALS, at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, California. The goal of FAMILY MATH is to encourage underrepresented groups (especially girls and minority students) to enter careers that use mathematics. FAMILY MATH is, of course, family-based."

Girl Tech
A girl-centered web site with a search engine and links to other sites, as well as some excellent articles for parents and teachers.

A Texas organization to empower girls in math, science, engineering, and technology.

Cynthia Lanius of Rice University has put together a valuable collection of resources concerned with spurring girls' interest in mathematics and computer science. This page includes an introduction to the issue, ten tips, and a large collection of links to related sites.

Internet for Girls: Connecting Girls with Math, Science and Technology
Donna Woodka's homepage. Online version of her not yet published book regarding girls and computer science (title above).

Inventive Kids
An interactive website on invention and innovation, with a focus on Canadian and female inventors.

New Moon
A magazine for "girls and their dreams" with separate resources for adults who care about girls.

Operation Minerva
A Canadian organization that runs a network of local projects in Alberta, designed to increase the participation of girls in math, science and technology. Each project is independently organized by interested volunteers and with community support.

Role Model Project for Girls
This site was created to share the notion that girls can grow up to be almost anything--in a wide variety of professional careers--way more than they probably know exist.

Sally Ride Science
This organization was founded by former astronaut Sally Ride to encourage and support girls' interest in science, mathematics and technology. Their website provides a variety of resources designed to help girls excel and to sustain their interest. These include: The Sally Ride Science Club, Community Science Festivals, and Space Camp Adventures.

Techbridge, a program for girls in technology, science and engineering, developed a guide to help role models, corporations and educators to plan effective classroom visits and worksite field trips.

Telementoring provides a wide range of print and on-line resources for mentors, students, parents, and teachers. The menu of resources supplied here is intended as a support directory for Telementoring participants. A core group of resources are print materials developed by the project to assist participants in preparing for on-line telementoring experiences. Additional resources include on-line pointers to curriculum materials and teaching strategies for educators, information sources about girls in science and technical fields, and other interesting web-sites that provide support information about careers in the sciences, professional associations for women and minorities, and college information.

Women In Computer Science
A list of short biographies of some women working in the field, aimed at younger women considering a career in mathematics or computer science.

Women in Technology Project
The Women in Technology (WIT) Project, at Vermont Technical College, is committed to encouraging young women in middle school and high school to study math, science and technology and to explore opportunities for careers in these fields. Through its Summer Technology Camps, Speakers Bureau, and many other programs, WIT helps girls, parents and teachers dispel stereotypes and overcome barriers to girls' educational and career success.