SCS Funding

The Friends of Women@SCS Fund and the Upstart/Startup Grants

The Friends of Women@SCS Fund

Women@SCS announces its new Friends of Women@SCS Fund. The Fund, administered through the SCS Dean’s Office, welcomes gifts (large and small) to help support Women@SCS ongoing activities as well as new initiatives.

Contact Information:

SCS Dean's Office
Cleah Schlueter
phone: (412) 268-7884-9656

The Upstart/Startup Grants (Now Closed)

One project supported by the Fund is the Upstart/Startup Program* that provides $250-$500 grants for imaginative SCS student initiated projects (e.g., for research, outreach, student activities or events). To apply for an Upstart/Startup grant, students (individually or in teams) submit a proposal consisting of a 1-2 page project description and plan, a budget, and for each team member, a 1-2 paragraph bio that also describes the member’s role in the project. Proposals can be submitted any time to:

Carol Frieze: cfrieze at

As soon as awards are made, recipients will submit a one paragraph project description (including project title) suitable for posting on the Women@SCS website. Also, a one page project report (again suitable for posting) should be submitted within 6 months of receiving an award.

Visit the Upstart/Startup Grant Projects page to see examples of project descriptions for which grants have been awarded.

*Initial funds for the Upstart/Startup Program are provided by Lenore Blum’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM).