Women@IT in the School of Computer Science (SCS)

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Please note: Barbara Lazarus Women@IT Fellowships are not currently available.

Women@IT is an extension of the successful Women@SCS organization and aims to provide professional, educational and social opportunities for our current and incoming graduate students. Women@IT also includes an outreach component, implemented by our graduate students, to publicize the range of their research interests and to encourage women to consider applying to doctoral level studies in computing-related disciplines.

This enterprise places special emphasis on attracting, and providing funding through the Barbara Lazarus Women@IT Fellowships for exceptional candidates with high potential, including students who may have undergraduate degrees in fields other than CS, for example, from mathematics, biology, physics or psychology. The Barbara Lazarus Women@IT Fellowships are funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Computer Science Department, the Robotics Institute and the Provost’s office. In addition to entering their area of research, those students with nontraditional backgrounds are provided with an initial buffer year that includes a tailored menu of courses and appropriate advising.

The School of Computer Science (SCS) –which includes departments in Computer Science, Robotics, Software Research, Human-Computer Interaction, Language Technologies, and Machine Learning— thrives on a broad, interdisciplinary philosophy and welcomes students with diverse perspectives.

Prospective graduate students should check the web sites below, explore the graduate programs offered through the School of Computer Science, and apply to the graduate programs through the usual means. Students interested in being considered for a Barbara Lazarus Women@IT Fellowship should indicate their interest on the application form. No additional application process for a Barbara Lazarus Women@IT Fellowship is required.

  • Information about the range of doctoral programs offered by the School of Computer Science
  • Information about admissions and applications
  • SCS application web page

  • For more information, please contact Carol Frieze or Lenore Blum, Co-Directors of the Women@IT program.