Job and Research Opportunities

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Students' Past Experiences

    Women@SCS Past Internships

    See where other W@SCS members have interned in past summers. This can be both a networking opportunity as well as a great resource to finding out the inside scoop of working at specific companies.

    Women@SCS Past Research Experiences

    See what research experiences that W@SCS members have done in past semesters. This resource can be a good opportunity to get an insight of what kind of research you can work on.

Job/Internship Opportunities

    Interested in finding a job or internship? We've compiled some great resources for you. For tips on how to find jobs, network, and interview, visit our Career Advice Page.


    The Career Center @ Carnegie Mellon provides a comprehensive range of services, programs, and materials focusing on career exploration & decision making, skill development, experiential learning, and career placement. It is an excellent resource so it is worth spending some time exploring it! To submit your resume and apply to companies, use Handshake!

    Research Experiences for Undergraduates

    View undergraduate research opportunities that have been brought to our attention. Summers are a great time for both undergrads and grads to gain hands-on experience in industry or through research opportunities.

    Project Olympus

    Work with or create your own CMU-funded startup company!
    Project Olympus is a new initiative designed to create and sustain Next Generation Computing innovation for Western Pennsylvania. It aims to build an infrastructure and foster a climate that will enable talent to take root and flourish in the region-and bring to fruition projects and ideas born here.

    Other Job Resources

    Check out some of these other websites for information on job opportunities.

Research Opportunities