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Check out research experiences Women@SCS are doing or have done in the past.

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Amy Q. Snackbot
at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
Sophomore Fall ~
Advisor: Paul Rybski
role: I got to work on a system in between robot and speech recognition technology.

I helped to create software that can be used to help a robot learn new tasks.
Anthony F. Google Lunar X Prize
at Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute
Freshman Fall ~ Freshman Summer
Advisor: Red Whittaker
role: Individual Research, Algorithmist

(1) Orbital mechanics / maneuvers for a lunar ladder with prescribed destinations and (2) Algorithm design for celestial navigation
Dixie K. REU Computer Security internship
at University of Maryland
Freshman Summer ~ Frehsman Summer
role: REU Computer Security internship position.

Our team researched and collected a selection of software benchmarks to help evaluate the next generation of automated software testing tools.
John D. Cylab
at Carnegie Mellon ECE Cylab
Sophomore Summer ~
Advisor: David Brumley
role: Debugger of code, implementer of small fecturer

Automated exploit generation via symbolic execution
Margaret S. Summer Genetics Research Institute
at Carnegie Mellon
Freshman Summer
role: Research Assistance.

Did lab work-genetics research in a group with 2 other undergrads. (I had never had lab experience before.) I was hoping for something more CS-related, but there wasn't a computational aspect. Great people!
Margaret S. Reasoning & Speech Processing (SRC-URO)
at Carnegie Mellon LTI
Sophomore Spring ~
Advisor: Carolyn Rose
role: Annotating transcripts, identifying reasoning, that is it mostly so far

Using machine learning to predict the presence of reasoning
Natalie H. Tweet for Disaster
at Carnegie Mellon LTI
Junior Fall ~
Advisor: Judith Gelertner
role: I am tracing tweets that are rumors in order to generalize their properties

Using tweets to map disaster locations
Vilcya W. Programmatic Interface for Liquid Handling Robot
at Lane Center for Computational Biology
Freshman ~ Sophomore Summer
Advisor: Robert F. Murphy and Joshua D.Kangas
role: Programmer

Creating a programmatic interface for a robot involved in liquid handling
YoungJae P.
at Carnegie Mellon HCII
Sophomore Summer ~
Advisor: Jen Mankoff
role: Working on Android application for StepGreen and developed a WebApp application MojoTalk.

Projects that are aimed to promote individuals in reducing their ecological footprints: researches from computer science, behavioral science, and environmental engineering.