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Most Recent Summer Internships: 2012

Name Year Company Description
Amy Q.4SeniorTumblrWorked with tool that managed physical datacenter assets.
Brenda L.3JuniorGoogleImproved/developed user interface and performance for the Chrome about:tracing development tool.
Dixie K.4SeniorSalesforce.comWorked on various user stories for the Case Feed (a CRM) product as part of the Customer Service Infrastructure (CSI) team.
Elizabeth D.3JuniorCarnegie Mellon UniversityDid research in the LTI at CMU. Created a mobile app to help non-native speakers of English with their pronunciation.
Emily Y.1FreshmanNational Institute of HealthI conducted a small experiment in an NCI lab to try to identify a possible contributing factor to Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria emergence.
Hilda H.3JuniorRobomatterI helped add new features to virtual 3D robots in the RobotC program.
Jennine N.2SophomoreTemple UniversityI was a part of a research project on applying a theoretical timing model to parallel programs. I used Hadoop, which is a map-reduce-based parallel computation framework, on a cloud computer.
Madeleine C.3JuniorRosetta StoneWorked as a research assistant in R&D and crowd-sourced research to quantify foreign accent.
Margaret M.4SeniorMozillaI worked on an experimental browser in Mozilla's in-progress language Rust. I implemented parallel css selector matching and worked on parallel layout.
Margaret S.4SeniorAppleUpdated back-end data model code to explore new functionality in Numbers, part of the iWork productivity suite. Delivered group and solo presentations to software engineering team members and managers.
Melissa A.4SeniorGoogleResearch fast and well-maintained authorization services to replace Android Partner Front-End Teamís current model. Improve Android Partner Front-Endís compatibility test suite to ensure android devices optimally play video content based on available bandwidth.
Niveditha J.1FreshmanFacebookI built iPhone and Android apps for Facebook-integrated experiences (with Facebook and partner companies).
Rebecca P.2SophomoreAlcatel LucentI was a Test Automation Engineering Intern at ALU, which is a telecommunications company. I helped to rewrite a lot of code for testing hardware/software by adjusting it to work on Linux servers instead of Windows ones. Also worked on increasing efficiency for automated testing by creating parallel programs. The work environment here was great and it was an awesome experience!