Minor Feedbacks from Students

Unsure of what your mandatory minor should be? Having double thoughts about the one you chose? Or do you just need some more first hand information from students who have already taken your route? Then you're in the right place! Below are a few minors along with advices from current students and alumni.

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School of Computer Science

Robotics "A lot of the classes put good use of linear algebra."

Software Engineering "I was able to say 'Oh, actually, I took a class on that!'"

Language Technologies "Start research early."

Mellon College of Science

Mathematics "Takes a little more effort than most other minors and is a more rewarding experience."

Computational/Applied Math "If you want to sit around for 4 years doing problem sets, go for it."

Discrete Mathematics/Logic "A great complement to computer science"

Humanities and Social Sciences

Philosophy "Probably the easiest double major to get"

Hispanic Studies "Thinking in a different way from my CS classes"

Gender Studies "an interesting way to spend your humanities credits"

Cognitive Science "if you came in with at least 60 units, do a dual degree"

Tepper School of Business

Business Administration "Having a business minor suggests that you also have interpersonal skills"

Carnegie Institute of Technology

Engineering Studies "There's a lot of flexibility in what you take"

College of Fine Arts

Communication Design "Interesting and lets you understand all sides of building products for users"

Drama "Satisfies my desire for fine arts and creative outlets"