Sponsorship Opportunities

Women@SCS has a tradition of working closely with industry and research groups to both understand critical gender issues in professional settings, as well as exploring job opportunities for women in computing related domains. The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University welcomes industry sponsors to join us in supporting Women@SCS as we work to engage, and sustain a strong cohort of women in the field.

The three primary value propositions for sponsors are:

  • Taking a high-profile leadership position in the global effort to recognize and encourage women in computer science
  • Direct connection to a pool of top talent in the field, including access to student resumes (with their permission)
  • Sending a strong message about diversity among your company values. For companies and research groups with strong STEM priorities, this is an opportunity to have a measurable, long-term impact on the field

If you're interested in sponsoring Women@SCS, please contact Carol Frieze.

Opportunities for Sponsorship

Mentoring Programs

Big/Little Sisters Program
Grad/Undergrad Sister Program


Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
OurCS: Opportunities for Undergraduate Research in Computer Science

Professional Events

Develop Your Elevator Pitch Workshop
Interview Skills Workshop
Public Speaking Skills Workshop
And other events possible



Social Programs

Class Mixers
Annual Orientation Welcome Session
Annual Graduate/Faculty Potluck
Graduate/Undergraduate Holiday Social
Graduate/Faculty Breakfasts
Graduate /Undergraduate Dinner

We would like to thank our current and previous industry sponsors!