Graduate Tea Hours (discontinued)


What are the Graduate Tea Hours?

This project filled a gap in the current Women@SCS graduate activities by building a semi-formal mentoring and networking program for graduate women in Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science. Due to the time constraints of graduate students and the belief that mentoring relationships are most beneficial when they develop organically, this project fostered a flexible opportunity for those in need of advice, those seeking friendship, those willing to give advice, or those wanting to share a friendly smile.

The W@SCS Tea Hours were regular tea hours and occasional panel discussions. Graduate women from throughout the six departments that make up SCS met in an informal, relaxed environment where they could seek advice or simply meet and chat with other women graduates while sipping delicious teas and munching on some snacks.

How can I get involved?

Please note that our Graduate Tea Hours program has ended.

But do check out our Grad/Undergrad Sisters and Undergraduate Sisters for more programs.

Mentoring Resources

Interested in mentoring others? Check out our Mentoring Webpage for some mentoring tips and strategies.