The Grad/Undergrad Sister Program


What is the Grad/Undergrad Sisters program?

Students from the School of Computer Science are invited to participate in the Grad/Undergrad Sisters Program. A female graduate student in computer science is paired with a female undergraduate student to help answer all your questions about grad school! Even if you don't think you are interested in graduate school, I encourage you to sign up and find out more before deciding. There are surprisingly few women in our field who complete graduate school, and we want to change that!

How does it work?

Please apply before Friday, October 10th, so that we have time to pair you based on your research and interests before our graduate student panel and matching event on October 16th. What if you miss the initial application? No problem! The form will be open all year and we will try to match incoming sisters as they come in.

Next Event

December - Social Event - Phipps or Science Center? We're open to suggestions!

We'll continue to send updates about the date and times of future events as we are able to book the rooms. Don't hesitate to contact us for questions about certain events or if you'd like to volunteer to be on a panel/present your field.

Past Events

October 16th - Graduate student panel, New sister matching 4:30-6pm (food) - NSH 1507.

This is a great opportunity for dialogue between undergraduate and graduate women in computer science. Questions like "why should I go to grad school?","how much does grad school cost?", "how crazy is the time commitment", or "what are some mistakes you make and how do I avoid them?" will all be answered. New sisters will have a chance to meet, and there will be food provided. (Each Sisters pair will receive a $5 coupon for the Tazza D'Oro coffee shop.)

October 28 - Faculty overview of current fields of CS - GHC 4405.

We are recruiting faculty members to give short (10 minute) talks about the field their research is in. These will be broad topics to explain the open problems in each of the fields of Computer Science. It will be useful for undergraduates trying to decide what fields to apply to grad school in (or if they want to), and useful for graduates to see how broad Computer Science is, and what's the cutting edge in each field.

November 11th - Graduate school and fellowship application intro session 4:30-6pm - Gates 2109.

As grad school and fellowship deadlines are approaching, we want to be sure you are aware of the opportunities that are available. We'll cover tips on writing personal statements and research statements. This is especially valuable for senior undergrads, but we'll also cover fellowships for grad students who have already started. Following the presentation, we will have people from the group read and critique your application essays (so bring them if you've started!). We can also practice application interviews which occur for some schools and fellowships. Download the slides from the session.

How can I be a good Grad/Undergrad Sister?

  1. Meet! There are many social events that you can attend together, or just grab coffee or lunch a few times throughout the semester.

  2. Keep in touch! Email every now and then, even if it's just to say hello. Respond to your sister's emails in a timely fashion, even if it's just to say that you're swamped with work.

  3. Try to make it work. If there are any difficulties, you can always e-mail Laura or Allie, and they can help you if you can no longer participate in the program, you are unable to get in touch with your sister, or you have other problems or questions.

How can I get involved?

Laura Herlant (left) and Darya Filippova (right), Leaders of the Graduate/Undergraduate Sisters Program

Fill out either the undergrad application form or grad application form as soon as you can. Then we'll contact you by e-mail with your match and details for events! If you fill it out before October 10th you will be guaranteed a place at our Meet & Greet.

Also check out our Undergraduate Sisters and Graduate Tea Hours programs.