Expanding Your Horizons March 3rd, 2001

"Is There a Robot in Your Future?"

7th and 8th graders participating in the workshop

Following on from last year's success, a team of SCS women students presented the workshop "Is There A Robot In Your Future?" at this year's Expanding Your Horizons conference. This is a yearly national event aimed at increasing the participation of girls and women in mathematics and science. Our team, led by Allison Bruce, a first year Ph.D student in Robotics, included Ting Shih, Lydia Choy, Gail Ronen, Maayan Roth, Meenakshi Delory, Jorjeta Jetcheva and Indrani Mondal . Carol Frieze, the program associate for Women@SCS, coordinated the workshops.

The event was a great success. About forty middle school girls attended two sessions of our workshop. In groups of two or three, they built robots using lego pieces, computer software, servo motors and batteries. With the guidance of the Women@SCS team, the girls came up with ingenious designs producing a variety of "legobots" that could move in different directions and push ping-pong balls along. The event was both a learning adventure and a lot of fun. It proved to be a very worthwhile experience for all those involved and Women@SCS look forward to contributing to Expanding Your Horizons again next year.


  • Allison Bruce, graduate student from the Robotics Institute, leader of the the workshop
  • Lydia Choy, senior in Computer Science
  • Meena Delory, junior in Computer Science
  • Jorjeta Jetcheva, graduate student in Computer Science
  • Indrani Mondal, freshman in Computer Science
  • Gail Ronen, sophomore in Computer Science
  • Maayan Roth, senior in Computer Science
  • Ting-Chih Shih, senior in Computer Science