Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2000

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Women in Computer Science: The Carnegie Mellon Experience

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The environment for women in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University has been undergoing extensive changes over the past year. We've had a dramatic increase in the number of women entering the undergraduate program, efforts to foster a more cohesive community for graduate women, and a pledge of long-term institutional support. How did this come to be, and what are we doing to help ensure successful experiences for women in computer science at CMU?

Our panel presented:

  1. The background research and outreach efforts of our colleagues at CMU
  2. Our current activities to help create a community of women with the goal of enhancing the educational and social experiences of both graduate and undergraduate students
  3. Ongoing research and evaluation results and their implications for CMU and other educational institutions
  4. The students' own perspectives

To start the session, Allan Fisher and Jane Margolis gave background information and Lenore Blum told about the Women@SCS Advisory Committee and its activites this past year. Then, with insight and great hum or, student representatives, Lisa Nelson, Leah Miller, and Tiffany Chang presented the undergraduate perspective while graduate students, Brigitte Pientka, and Jorjeta Jetcheva discussed their activites and initiatives, including the get-together Potluck dinner and the new Speakers Series. Their message to others, "Take one step at a time, and go for it!"

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* indicates presenters in the session- "Women in Computer Science: The Carnegie Mellon Experience"

  • Lenore Blum* - Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science/Faculty Advisor to Women @ SCS, CMU
  • Allan Fisher* - Former Associate Dean of Computer Science/President and CEO of Carnegie Techonology Education, CMU
  • Jane Margolis* - Social Science Researcher on Gender and Education, UCLA
  • Tiffany Chang* - sophomore, CSD
  • Leah Miller* - junior, CSD
  • Maayan Roth - senior, CSD
  • Jorjeta Jetcheva* - graduate student, CSD
  • Brigitte Pientka* - graduate student, CSD
  • Grace Ritter - graduate student, MSE
  • Belinda Thom - graduate student, CSD
  • Lisa Nelson* - alum 2000, CSD
  • Yu Shan A. Chuang - alum 2000, HCI
  • Allison Leigh Bruce - alum 2000, graduate student, RI
  • Talia Sofer - alum 1997, CSD

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* scs = School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University (which includes the Computer Science Department, the Robotics Institute, the Languages Technologies Institute, the Human Interaction Institute, Center for Automated Learning and Discovery, Institute for Software Research International and the Entertainment Technology Center).