Welcome to the School of Computer Science Outreach Roadshow!
.....developed by Women@SCS
Initially supported in part by the NSF-ALADDIN Center
Carnegie Mellon University

This is a highly interactive presentation by undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon who talk about why/how they began studying the area, their current experiences, what Computer Science means to them now, and their future hopes and expectations. The middle and high school presentations include a guessing game, a slide show of CS applications, algorithm style puzzles, a robot demo, and much more. The spin-off graduate level Roadshow (presented to undergrads) includes general information on going to graduate school and short research talks.

Here you can download a powerpoint version of our Roadshow with ideas for starting your own Roadshow.
Roadshow ppt slides

*PLEASE acknowledge Women@SCS if you use or adapt our Roadshow.*


  • elementary, middle, and high school girls and boys
  • parents and teachers
  • undergraduate students
  • all who are interested in improving access and exposure to computer science


  • to increase the visibility of young women and minorities in computer science
  • to challenge the traditional stereotypes of what/who computer scientists are
  • to show the breadth of fields that computer science can encompass
  • to provide role models
  • to provide an interesting and enjoyable learning experience
  • to provide teaching, leadership/mentoring opportunities for our own computer science students

Women@IT Presentation
Women@IT has developed a graduate level Roadshow, which is presented to undergraduates. This is part of an outreach component, implemented by our graduate students, to publicize the range of their research interests and to encourage women to consider applying to doctoral level studies in computing-related disciplines.

Roadshow Extras
Here are some links to interesting videos and websites that can be used to supplement the material presented in the Roadshow.

  • CSUnplugged -- Great Resource for games and puzzles away from the computer!
  • CS4FN -- Great Resource, you can download "The Magic of Computer Science" full of fun card tricks
  • CAPTCHA - How to tell Computers and Humans Apart (a demo that you can play with)
  • Peekaboom - A picture game used to train computer vision algorithms

Past Roadshow Presentations

Here are just a few of the Elementary, Middle and High Schools Places where we have presented:

  • St Bedes kindergarten and middle school
  • Sterrett Classical Academy, Pittsburgh
  • Carmalt School, Pittsburgh
  • The Ellis Middle School, Pittsburgh
  • Winchester Thurston, Pittsburgh
  • Alderdice High School, Pittsburgh
  • Keynote Presentation for Technology Day, YMCA Workshop
  • Girls-Specific Week Camp at Carnegie Mellon
  • Peabody High School
  • North Allegheny Intermediate School
  • Pittsburgh Gifted Center, Pittsburgh
  • Western PA School for the Deaf
  • Schiller Classical Academy
  • Girls in IT Event, Carnegie Mellon, (Keynote Talk)
  • Frick Middle School, Pittsburgh
  • Linden Elementary School, Pittsburgh
  • Carnegie and Crafton Elementary School
  • St. Philip Grade School, Pittsburgh
  • Riverview Jr. Sr. High School
  • Mars Area Centennial School
  • Sci-Tech Middle School
  • Shuang Wen School, NY
  • Hopewell Middle School
  • Seneca Valley Middle School
  • University Parl Elementary, Monroeville
  • Hickory High School
  • Propel Montour Charter School
  • Colfax Middle School

Conference Presentations:

  • Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing
  • Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
  • SIGCSE Symposium
  • Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
  • Women in Engineering Programs and Advocates Network (WEPAN)
  • PAGE Conference
  • PAISTA Conference

Presentations for Teachers and others:

  • CS4HS Summer Workshops
  • TeacherTech, High School and Middle School Teachers, Mellon Institute, 2004
  • Aladdin Summer Workshop, Carnegie Mellon
  • CyberConXion, Pittsburgh
  • Take your Daughters/Sons to Work Days at Carnegie Mellon
  • Sally Ride Science Festival, University of Pittsburgh
  • NSF vistors to the Computer Science department
  • Roadshow for Ivanhoe productions
  • CSD Advisory Board Presentation
  • NCWIT presentation
  • CS50 Celebration Presentation
  • Project Olympus Show and Tell
  • TechNights
  • Gwen's Girls (after school program)

Campus Presentations (Graduate Roadshow for Undergraduates):

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  • George Washington University, D.C.
  • Princeton University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University
  • University of Texas at Austin