Upcoming Events

General Events

Biweekly Women@SCS Meetings

Women@SCS has general body meetings every other week on Mondays at Gates 8115. Everyone is welcome, so please stop by to learn more about our mission, what events we will be planning for the month, and more!

Tech Nights

Tech Nights is an outreach program run by Women@SCS that has workshops for middle school girls every Tuesday in the fall or spring. You can learn more here if you're a student looking to join the program, or if you want to volunteer to help with a workshop!

Biweekly SCS4ALL Meetings

On the weeks alternating Women@SCS meetings, our partner organization SCS4All has its meetings in the same room (Gates 8115). SCS4All often organizes different events and activities, so please drop by to learn more about what they're doing!

Other Events

We regularly have other events scheduled, whether it's a student-faculty lunch, an alumnae panel, or a talk given by upperclassmen. You can find these events scheduled in our calendar above!