Sign the Letter on Diversity in SCS

The following message was written by Odell Blackmon III, SCS '22.

The Black Lives Matter movement has yet again brought racial inequity in this country to the surface and shown us that we all have a shared responsibility in combating racism. SCS is top-ranked and widely recognized for our success in achieving gender parity at the undergraduate level. We must take bold action to remedy the large racial disparities in SCS.

We must acknowledge an uncomfortable truth: our student population is less diverse even than the painfully low baselines offered by our peers. We should think about what we are missing: diverse perspectives serve to enrich the education of our students, quality of our research, and experiences of community members. 

We have both a self-interest and a moral imperative in doing the work to lead on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). I urge you to read and share the following letter, which includes concrete ways to make anti-racist change, and add your name to support anti-racist progress in SCS.

Please read the letter here, and consider signing here.