Welcome new SCS Faculty!

Women@SCS has the pleasure of welcoming several new outstanding womxn faculty members this semester.

Sarah Fox, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor in HCI, where she directs the Tech Solidarity Lab and is a founding member of the Community-Tech Collective. Her research focuses on how technological artifacts challenge or propagate social exclusions by examining existing systems and building alternatives. Her work has earned awards in ACM, CSCW, CHI, DIS, among others. Prior to CMU, she was a Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Communication and the Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego.

Hoda Heidari, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor in both MLD and ISR. She is broadly interested in Societal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Algorithmic Economics, and has various publications algorithmic fairness and fairness in ML. Prior to CMU, she was a Postdoctoral Associate in the Computer Science Department at Cornell University.

Prof. Heidari is teaching 10-712: Fairness, Explainability, and Accountability for Machine Learning.

Motahhare Eslami, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor in HCI. Her research is broadly in human-computer interaction, social computing, and data mining, and has developed techniques to investigate users’ behavior around opaque algorithmic systems, redesign these systems to communicate opaque algorithmic processes to users and provide them with a more informed, satisfying, and engaging interaction. Her research has been discussed in the popular press, like Time, The Washington Post, BBC, and many more.

Alexandra Ion, Ph.D will be an Assistant Professor in HCI starting January 2021. Her research interests are interactive design tools that enable digital fabrication of complex shapes and structures. Her research and expertise lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction, digital fabrication, mechanical engineering, and material science. Her work has been published in and awarded by premier venues, including ACM UIST and CHI.

Melisa Martinez, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, where she leads the Social Haptics Robotics and Education (SHRED) Laboratory. Her research combines the areas of robotics, haptics, human-computer interaction, and education. Her main areas of focus and interest are developing low-cost, open-source robotic technology for educational applications and understanding the effects of this technology on learning; as well as studying the sense of touch and developing novel mechanisms for human-machine interaction.

Elaine (Runting) Shi, Ph.D is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses specifically on blockchains and cryptocurrencies. She was the co-author of the first peer-reviewed publication on Bitcoin, has taught at Cornell University, and attended Carnegie Mellon University as a doctorate herself.

Emma Strubell, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on natural-language understanding and aims for robustness and efficiency through machine learning techniques. She has also previously interned at Amazon and Google, working in teams focused on language technologies, and she has recently worked at Facebook AI Research as well.